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Rwanda Bird watching Places

Though Rwanda is the land locked country but it is the one of the highest bird counts on the continents. Rated in the top five destinations in the world for those seeking a rewarding birding experience. Any serious bird watching expedition should incorporate both the wetter and more mountainous western regions, the drier Savannahs of the east, and then time in some of the many wetlands and marches and species rich forests.
Around Kigali
The Nyarutarama Lake, or “lover’s lake” bordering the Kigali Golf course, is surrounded by a track which offers excellent nature walks and bird watching opportunities.
The Nyabarongo wetlands also offer walking paths and good bird watching. This protected area covers 142.62km2 with two lakes- Lake Mirayi in the south and Lake Rumira in the north. The wetlands are fed by the Nyabarongo River, a tributary of the nile, which empties into the Akagera River which, in turn, flows into lake Victoria.
Volcanoes National Park
To the north lies the volcanoes national park, which protects the Rwandan portion of the Virunga Mountains, a transfrontier conservation area that includes protected areas in Uganda and DRC. Forming a complex of mostly dormant volcanoes, it includes Rwanda’s highest point. Mt Karisimbi (4.507), and the two active ones, Mt Nyiragongo and Mt Nyamuragira. While more famous for its mountain gorillas and other primates. Volcanoes boast almost 165 bird species, 17 Endemic to the area. 
Nyungwe National Park
The Nyungwe Forest national park lies in the southwestern region of Rwanda. Enveloped by dense tropical rainforest, the park is a heaven of numerous varieties of birds and primates, whose melodies blend with the dense flora to create a one of a kind experience for visitors. Before entering the forest, visitors pass through glorious green tea plantations, which from a distance look like majestic rolling golf courses. The vast fields afford one an overwhelming view of the surrounding hills and ranges. From some hills, lake kivu and the border with the democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) can be seen in the distance.

As one travels deeper into the forest, the panoramic view is replaced by the unspoilt dense forest, with a foggy, sometimes mystical atmosphere.


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